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CFD for Automotive Engineering

"Accelerating Development With CFD Solutions For Automotive Industry"

We offer unmatched CFD solutions with high quality well defined models, precise simulations and effective CFD analysis across all the divisions of automotive engineering.

We have a focused and result oriented approach helping us deliver design innovation and enhanced product performance.


We offer CFD Solutions for the following areas of Automotive Design and Development:

  • Fluid Flow - Incompressible & Compressible
  • Steady-State & transient flow analysis
  • Analyzing laminar and turbulent flows
  • Supersonic, transonic and subsonic flows
  • Multiphase flow analysis
  • Fluid structure interaction
  • Under the hood thermal management
  • Conjugate heat transfer analysis
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Heat Transfer due to radiation
  • Crash simulation and safety analysis
  • Rotating machinery
  • Moving geometrics
  • Internal and external aerodynamics analysis
  • Coolant systems
  • HVAC design and analysis
  • Ergonomic interior design and analysis for passenger comfort

CFD helps thoroughly understanding flow process, its behavior and interaction with automobiles and its components. Our CFD analysis experts conduct numerical experiments on the said models and detect the problem areas. Henceforth effective methods and means are devised to optimize the design and eliminate errors.

Empowering Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has seen tremendous growth over the years. As the industry faces high competition; automotive companies have to be on a constant lookout for innovation, optimum comfort and high levels of sophistication with each new design they introduce. This makes CFD analysis an indispensible part of the process.

Advantages of using CFD Solutions for Automotive Industry:

  • CFD analysis helps device apt solutions, which improve product quality and design.
  • Utilizing CFD capabilities, helps reduce time to market.
  • CFD simulations and analysis detects operational failures and other errors thus substantially cutting down costs incurred in experimental testing.
  • CFD analysis can be used at all levels of sophistication to provide the best and innovative designs with optimum comfort.
  • Applying CFD analysis for automotive development means efficient utilization of resources and capital.

We have a team of experts, a scalable infrastructure and most advanced software that help; perform superlative CFD simulations and analysis to efficiently handle projects of varying complexities.

Contact our team to discuss your CFD analysis requirements for the automotive sector.