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CFD for Civil Engineering

Our CFD excellence has enabled successful and timely completion of several civil engineering projects. CFD is a hugely beneficial tool for the civil industry, as it allows virtual creation of airflow models and is helpful in assessing several other factors involved during building, construction and other engineering projects.

Typical Civil Engineering issues that are effectively addressed by CFD application:

  • Air quality and ventilation
  • Fire safety analysis
  • Fire and smoke propagation
  • Occupant comfort
  • Wave loading
  • Multi-zone airflow modeling
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Wind loading on bluff bodies and moving bodies
  • Wind comfort for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians

CFD is a powerful visualization tool aiding the civil industry. We encourage green designs and energy efficiency aspect is of prime concern. We use CFD expertise to deliver superlative quality in every civil engineering project we are involved with.

To discuss your requirements, please contact our CFD experts.