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Consumer Packaged Goods

We offer unmatched CFD services for consumer packaged goods industry. The consumer packaged goods sector thrives on design innovations. A constant chase to improvise the designs and quality of packaging majorly contributes to business growth. A well packaged product, which meets expectations of the end user leads the brand to popularity and hence better sales.

We offer CFD services to consumer packaged goods segments like:

Consumer Packed Goods
  • Food And Beverages
  • Clothing And Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care Products
  • Cleaning liquids and other toiletries
  • Pharmaceutical Goods

Some CFD Applications For Consumer Packaged Goods:

  • Air/Gas flow inside the packages and filling machines
  • Liquid filling in packages
  • Ensuring optimum sterile conditions during packaging both inside the package and the aseptic chamber.
  • Thermal effect and heat transfer in consumer packaged goods

Benefits with us:

  • CFD expertise enables us to experiment more, hence ensuring the best designs for consumer packaged goods
  • Our ability to precisely simulate and conduct CFD analysis enables us to study product behavior when exposed to extreme conditions and thereby suggest better product design, packaging and other modifications
  • We use our CFD capabilities for effective product packaging, shipping and handling during distribution and retail
  • We simulate the fluid and gas flows involved in the entire manufacturing process precisely and hence evaluate the product behavior during manufacture
  • Precise simulations are pivotal to reduce the time taken for product development and hence reduce the time to market
  • Our CFD analysis Expertise allows extensive research and development, enabling bold experiments at minimal costs

Our excellence and expertise has helped us build trust and attain client satisfaction. We always deliver on time, and are committed to providing high quality services keeping the clients interests and end user comfort to the fore.

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