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Data Center Thermal Assessment

"Encouraging Efficiency With Expert CFD Analysis Services"

We utilize CFD techniques for thermal assessment of your data center. We monitor airflow, cooling and ventilation at the data center identifying the trouble spots. Our team performs comprehensive thermal assessment to device the most effective means for energy efficient cooling, by employing smart energy utilization and identifying natural ways of cooling.

Our Data Center Thermal Assessment And Solutions Focus On:

Data Center
  • Utilizing energy resources smartly and gaining optimum cooling
  • Optimizing the data center efficiency and uptime
  • Heat removal from heat generating computer equipments and systems

We have hi-end CFD facilities and an expert team to accurately model and simulate the operating conditions to create a thermal profile of data centers and computer rooms of varying capacities and sizes.

Why Is Thermal Assessment Necessary For Your Data Center And What Are The Benefits?

  • DCTA identifies the source of failure and cause of downtime
  • Helps in planning and optimizing capacity of datacenter
  • Reduces the operating costs and maximizes the capabilities of datacenter
  • It helps efficiently utilize resources and capital
  • Increases the system availability and uptime
  • DCTA maximizes the electrical capacity and integrity of your datacenter
  • It assists in identifying the best location for high density equipments
  • Provides strategy for future deployments

It is highly critical to keep your data center cool. However due to various reasons like lack of ventilation, placing high heat generating equipments at the wrong place etc. can build up heat in the data center and reduce its efficiency, capacity and uptime.

Our DCTA capabilities:

  • Thermal analysis
  • Electrical analysis
  • Listing equipments and floor planning
  • Preparing detailed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) reports
  • Analyzing these reports and recommending remedial measures

Based on accurate data center measurements, design, airflow lifecycle through the datacenter and other related information, we analyze and recommend rectifications/modifications. We offer in depth analysis and trouble shooting, fixing cooling inefficiencies in the thermal envelope. Our services empower you with a highly efficient data center, enabling it to house upgraded and powerful equipments.

Contact us NOW!! to maximize the thermal efficiency at your datacenters.