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CFD for Fire Safety System Design

"CFD Analysis For Absolute Fire Safety Solutions"

We provide comprehensive fire safety solutions using computational fluid dynamic techniques. Our CFD expertise includes defined modeling, simulation and henceforth applying CFD engineering analysis to devise apt fire safety systems and solutions.

Fire Safety

Our Fire Safety CFD Analysis Expertise includes:

  • Performance based design using CFD techniques for fire safety
  • Fire risk assessment using CFD analysis
  • Material fire safety assessment
  • Smoke movement calculation
  • Checking smoke ventilation facilities using fire dynamic simulator
  • Using simulation based tools for analyzing fire safety systems
  • Available Safe Egress Time (ASET)/ Required Safe Egress Time (RSET) Analysis
  • Modeling, simulating and analyzing fire evacuation systems at commercial complexes, airports, hospitals etc.
  • Using CFD techniques to aid investigations post a fire breakout

A fire breakout is always unfortunate; it causes a lot of damage to life and property. CFD analysis can predict fire and smoke behavior accurately. It is also used to track and measure the risk factors involved in the spread of fire and smoke entrapment. Fire safety using CFD modeling and simulations can be exceedingly beneficial in places such as:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Basement Parking lots
  • Underground Railway Stations
  • Moving Structures Like Trains And Busses
  • Auditoriums
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Other Occupied Structures

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics for Fire Safety systems:

  • Helps achieving an effective design at minimal costs
  • Reduces the time and money involved in testing
  • Reduces the time taken for development and implementation
  • Minimizes the risk of harm to people and property due to a fire breakout

We provide CFD based, fire safety solutions to existing buildings, and also help design new structures with optimal fire safety. Avail the most precise and effective solutions for introducing optimal fire safety conditions using CFD techniques.

Our Fire and Smoke CFD Simulation Capabilities include:

  • Modeling and simulating Pool fire and jet fire releases (fire of various sizes at varying locations)
  • Transient simulations in blow down systems and failure scenarios
  • Accessing wind direction, wind speed and the resulting impact
  • Simulating smoke dispersion and behavior in accidental cases
  • Smoke visibility estimation within an internal structure

Key Output from Smoke and Fire Release/Propagation Analysis using CFD:

  • Flame interactions with primary structures
  • Temperature contours
  • Thermal radiation flux contours
  • Flame development, progress and waning due to blow-down systems
  • Toxic gases concentration contours
  • Time to incapacitation/death due inhalation of smoke
  • Smoke concentration on the surface indicating the dispersion of the combustion products

Specifications required for a very precise and comprehensive CFD analysis:

  • Right assumptions and input data for fire and ventilation
  • Selection of apt sub models
  • Reasonable grid resolution and accurate cell aspect ratios
  • Realistic boundary conditions
  • Internal check for critical parameters like flame temperature and mass balance

Equipped with an expert team of fire safety engineers and a sophisticated infrastructure, we effectively combine fire management and fire protection under one roof to provide the best CFD analysis for maximum safety.

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