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CFD for Food And Beverage Products

We have a vast experience of providing CFD solutions for the food and beverages sector. This industry is hugely dependent on CFD for introducing design innovations, cost effective solutions and better quality. CFD provides a better understanding of 'food and beverages' products via precise simulations.


CFD Analysis plays a pivotal role in several Food and Beverages processing operations like:

  • Mixing
  • Separation
  • Drying
  • Chilling
  • Cold storage
  • Heating
  • Cooking
  • Sterilization

Here is what we can do for the food and beverages sector:

  • We create precise simulations to provide a comprehensive understanding of particulate separation, heat transfer, mass transfer, flow distribution etc. thus offering a better insight into the manufacturing processes involved.
  • Our CFD expertise enables cost effective evaluation of geometric changes and also lessens iterations and testing, hence reducing the time to market.
  • Our CFD modeling is defined and scale independent, based on fundamental physics it effectively reduces scale up problems.
  • CFD enables proactive analysis to highlight the cause and effect of problems in the development, manufacturing and packaging processes in the food and beverages sector.

Preparation of food items and beverages on a huge scale, devising the perfect packaging, validating preservation techniques and evaluation of the involved processes; all this can be effectively done using CFD. We have a competent team, the latest software and an expandable infrastructure that enables us to offer highly efficient CFD services for projects of varying complexities for the 'food and beverages' sector.

Contact us for further queries, discuss your requirements with our CFD experts.