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CFD for Fuel Cell System

CFD analysis is one of our core services, applicable to a plethora of industries and applications, one of the key applications being CFD for fuel cells.

We create well defined models and precise simulations to conduct CFD analysis of fuel cells, hence visualizing and evaluating the problems related to liquid flow, gas flow, chemical reactions, electrochemical reactions and thermal management. We aim to achieve engineering excellence and direct our focus towards developing rapid and cost effective design innovations.


Our CFD Analysis Expertise of Fuel Cells allows us to investigate:

  • Loss mechanics and over potential
  • Thermal stress and heat distribution
  • The effects of pressure, porosity, temperature and humidity
  • Distribution of fuel in stack level design
  • Current and voltage characteristics for fuel cells

Fuel cell is an innovative technology that provides an alternative power source, empowering several industries like transportation, electronics and power generation. CFD proves to be an effective tool that is used to aid the process of conceptualization, analysis and optimization of fuel cell components and system.

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