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CFD for Glass Processing

We are one of the leading CFD analysis service providers with an elite client base spread across the globe. Our clients span across various sectors including the glass processing industry. Our defined models and precise CFD simulations help "design, innovate, demonstrate and validate" the various stages of glass processing.

Glass Processing

We help improvise and validate several glass processing stages using CFD simulations and analysis. These stages include:

  • Combustion
  • Batch melting
  • Flow of glass melt inside the furnace
  • Melting and conditioning in Fore-hearths and furnaces
  • Glass refining process
  • Flow analysis involved in glass forming process

Why us?

  • Our CFD workstation is highly sophisticated and equipped with technologically advanced systems.
  • We use the best software, operated by experts with a sound knowledge of the glass processing technology.
  • We not only help you lower costs, save energy and promote design innovations but also simulate various processes for extreme cases to detect and hence avoid any failures, unfavorable conditions and accidents.
  • We also help you procure the best equipments using our CFD expertise and help determine process parameters like burner location, firing distribution and thermocouple positions.

The glass processing industry continually seeks innovations and means of lowering expenditures and energy consumption to earn maximum monetary benefits. CFD is a pivotal technology that can help steer the glass processing industry towards achieving this goal.

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