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CFD for Metals, Minerals And Mining

With precise CFD simulation and analysis expertise, we help mineral and metallurgical engineers to optimize various processes involved in mining and processing.


Key benefits with us:

  • We help you analyze, improve and validate equipment performance.
  • We optimize processes and plants.
  • Our solutions ensure environmental compliance.
  • CFD expertise gives a greater global advantage to mining and metallurgy industry


We deliver expert CFD analysis services for metallurgy industries enabling them to stay ahead in competition. We are experienced in providing professional CFD solutions for mining and processing of several metals like aluminum, zinc, copper, iron, gold, silver, steel etc.


We use our CFD capabilities to make activities like recovering precious stones and minerals, ore treatment and processing industrial minerals easier and better. Our CFD technical stronghold enables accurate modeling and simulations to optimize processes such as classification of minerals, separation, filtering and removal of impurities.


The mining industry is hugely benefitted by computational fluid dynamic techniques. CFD techniques can be used in several stages of mining like; assessment before tooling commitments, improvising designs and abiding by the environmental regulations. We help you device the best mining techniques that comply with environmental regulations without compromising on profitability.

Contact us to discuss your CFD requirements with our experts.