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Polymer Processing

We effectively use our CFD expertise for polymer processing, we help you virtually prototype and test products as well as the various processes involved in its manufacturing and processing.

With an advanced infrastructure and upgraded systems we not only offer highly realistic, virtual prototyping and testing but also make the process cost effective.


Here is what we can do for you:

  • Our comprehensive knowledge base allows superior simulations and precise analysis.
  • We help you achieve energy reductions, greater processing efficiency and reduced time to market.
  • With advanced CFD capabilities we enable you to choose the most suitable plastics grade and processing tools
  • Our CFD excellence helps you predict process features of plastic melts depending on their individual molecule structures.

We have worked for several material engineering projects and resourcefully utilized CFD as an effective virtual prototyping and testing tool. CFD for Polymer processing is one of the key services we provide.

We have expert engineers who have a sound knowledge of polymer processing and hence can provide CFD analysis par excellence for the industry. Our superlative CFD services for polymer processing, helps you stay a notch ahead in competition.

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