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Semiconductor CFD Consulting

Our advanced CFD simulation and analysis capabilities enable us to offer superlative services for optimizing semiconductor designs and processes. We use our CFD expertise as an effective tool for devising robust semiconductors at reduced costs by eliminating the need for repeated testing and design iterations.

Semiconductor CFD Analysis

Our CFD expertise for Semiconductors:

  • Accurate Spin Coating Analysis
  • Analyzing Chemical Vapor Deposition Process

Spin Coating:

We conduct CFD analysis to optimize the Spin Coating process. Our expertise enables us to precisely predict coating thickness, uniformities of the spin coating process and analyze its features and chambers. Our CFD capabilities help us select the appropriate RPM to achieve the best coating. We also help you optimize thermal effects on coating plus the air flow patterns and resulting effects above the wafer.

Chemical Vapor Depositions:

We are experienced in handling both volumetric and surface based chemical reaction. We can accurately analyze reaction of input, outlet and deposition of gases and products on wafers as well as the thermal effects, effects on flow and reaction patterns on the deposition. We efficiently utilize CFD for semiconductor wafer manufacturing by analyzing hot and cold chemical vapor disposition methods.

Our experience and expertise allows us to suggest the most suitable conditions for uniform coating of the desired pattern and thickness by conducting rapid analysis of multiple chamber designs and flow rate patterns.

Benefits with us:

  • Our CFD capabilities allow realistic multiphysics simulations for semiconductors.
  • Our team of expert analysts can guide you through the design process by detecting problem areas and hence suggesting effective design modifications.
  • With superlative CFD competence, we ensure reduced time to market and minimum development cost.
  • We proficiently carry out failure analysis using CFD and accurately detect the areas of concern, thus suggesting the best solutions.

A team of expert engineers and analysts, an expandable infrastructure and the latest software for the most precise CFD modeling and simulations, makes us well equipped to handle semiconductor CFD analysis projects of varying complexities with equal ease and excellence.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements with our CFD experts.