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CFD for Transportation (Air, Marine, Rail & Road)

"Helping You speed Up To Stay Ahead, With Expert CFD Solutions"

We provide a full range of computational fluid dynamic services for all types of transportation vehicles.

Our dedicated specialized CFD services for the transportation industry includes four major sectors, Automotive, Aerospace and aviation, Marine and Rail transport.

CFD analysis on a vehicle enables complete simulations and optimum safety even before a vehicle encounters a wind tunnel. It saves the massive costs of experimental testing and design iterations.


Automotives (Road Transport)

  • Passenger Cars
  • SUV's
  • Public Transport Vehicles
  • Trucks And Other Goods Carrying Vehicles
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Automobiles
  • Sports Bikes
  • Racing Cars
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Automobile Parts And Components

We have in-house facilities for development of defined models and precise simulations. Our vast experience and expertise helps deliver higher levels of sophistication and enhanced performance of automobiles and auto components.

Our expert CFD Automotive Services include:

  • Crash simulation and safety optimization
  • Aerodynamic analysis - internal and external
  • Multiphase flow analysis
  • Moving geometry
  • Fluid structure interaction
  • HVAC design and analysis, to optimize passenger comfort and sophitication
  • Conjugate heat transfer and cooling systems
  • Radiation induced heat transfer

Aerospace & Aviation (Air Transport)

  • Corporate Jets
  • Passenger Aircrafts
  • Fighter Aircrafts
  • Military Aircrafts
  • Launch Vehicles
  • Aerospace Vehicle Parts And Components

We are one of the leading companies offering high quality CFD services to the aerospace and aviation industry. We have a specialized team catering to the aerospace and aviation industry to yield the best results.

Our CFD Expertise for the Aerospace & Aviation industry includes:

  • Aero tools development
  • HVAC design and analysis
  • Wind tunnel data analysis
  • Aerodynamic analysis
  • Aircraft loading analysis
  • Design modifications for enhanced comfort in passenger cabins and cargo components
  • Control and stability analysis of aerospace and aircraft vehicles
  • Aircraft jets and propellers simulation for enhanced performance

Marine Vehicles (Water Transport)

  • Ferryboat
  • Freighter
  • Ships
  • Motorboat
  • Submarines
  • Yachts

We have a specialized team conducting precise computational fluid dynamic analysis for the marine transport vehicles. We conduct safety analysis, and also analyze marine locomotives for advanced levels of sophistication.

Our CFD Capabilities for Marine Vehicles include:

Aerodynamics Analysis : We offer CFD analysis for transient and steady state marine vehicles and locomotives. Our aerodynamic analysis expertise includes
  • Wind and current load analysis
  • Investigating vibrations due to propellers
  • HVAC applications and passenger comfort
  • External and internal aerodynamics
Hydrodynamic Analysis : We provide extremely high levels of precision with hydrodynamic modeling and simulation. Our hydrodynamic analysis expertise includes
  • Hull performance assessment
  • Investigating complex fluid structure interaction
  • Sloshing in cargo, oil and gas separator tanks
  • Slam and water impact loading
Multiphase Flow Analysis : Our multiphase flow analysis expertise includes:
  • Multiphase calculations by simulating air and water
  • Analyzing wave resistance

Rail Transport

  • Passenger Trains
  • Metro Stations
  • Goods Train

Avail our comprehensive CFD services for all types of rail transport vehicles. We have the experience and expertise required to provide complete analysis and engineering support to the rail sector.

Our Key Strengths are:

  • Optimizing the safety in trains.
  • We create precise simulations and analyze accidental risks, devising solutions to eliminate the same.
  • Besides, we also offer the best fire safety solutions in the trains and rail modes of transport.
  • Our expert CFD capabilities include HVAC design for trains; we also analyze and provide apt design solutions to optimize passenger comfort.

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